October 26th - 27th, 2019

The City Center – Champaign, IL

The purpose of Dark History & Horror Convention is to unite those interested in criminal justice, abnormal psychology, and crime prevention to study the history of crime, punishment, and criminal behavior. Without condoning that behavior, the mission of the convention is to provide guests with an educational and entertaining experience utilizing research, guest speakers, experts, and memorabilia.

October 26

Noon - 9:00PM

October 27

Noon - 4:00PM


Bob Elmore, Claire “Fluff” Llewellyn, David Thibodeau, Eric Vernor, James Leary, Jeremy Ambler,  John Borowski, Jose Santiago JR., Matthew Atchley, Scott L. Schwart, Shannon Griffin, Wyatt Weed


Awesome Collectibles, Gothic Nothic, Heirloom Haberdashery, JZapps Crystals & Specimens, Killer Culture Shop, Lix, Natures Earthware, Preston Perspectives,Sabrina’s Scentsations, Three Sisters Smudging, Wicked Treasure,XS Engerfy Drinks, Yordreem Creations By Scott Blake


11th Hour Art, Art by Rembry, Camron Johnson, Drea Aarons, Morphoenix Industries, Sica Bean, Steve Glasgow,  Voidworks Art & Effects, Wicked Treasure.


Amy Hale, Ariana Cherry, Brian K. Morris, Colin Price, Jason Nugent aka Jay Bower, Josh Annis aka JW Wright, Kastie Pavlik, Lacye Lembcke, Steve Giannangelo, William Schlichter


The Black Crypt Podcast, Murder Metal Mayhem

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